PFC Bradbury Battlefield Cross Escort SPC Mulvihill Battlefield Cross Escort Halloween 2009 @ Mom's
Redskull's Birthday 12.09 Gateway/Iron Trail Anniversary Party Iron Trail Roadtrip to Mom's
Iron Trail at Moms/A&E Iron Trail/Southwest Iron Iron Trail Ride for a Cure
IOMC Nationals 2010 War Party Patch-Over Iron Trail Sparks America
5 Chapter Patch-In Party Cassoday KS Ride 4 Walk To Remember
Gateway Clubhouse Grand Opening Stigler OK Chapter Anniversary Iron Trail Christmas 2010
Jackie & El Cuete Vows 2011 Gateway/Iron Pride/Iron Trail/Heavy Metal Crew Anniv Party Walk to Remember
Wall that Heals W2R Presentation Battlefield Cross Escort
Rock & Domino's Wedding Iron Trail Christmas 2011 Gateway/Iron Trail Anniv. Jan 2012
Brother SixShots Patch-In Feb 2012 W2R Presentation 2010 International Rally May 2012
IOM Hosted CF Poker Run June 2012

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